I am a social club member in my university. My responsibility is to give people more information about eating healthy food and also trying out new dishes. My main goal is to make people realize that there are a lot of healthy options out there and that people only have to discover them.

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One day is my ultimate favorite, which is the annual International Day event. This event is just amazing. Organizers of this event along with me come together to prepare some delicious and healthy dishes from all over the world.

The reason I love this event so much is that it helps us realize that there is so much good and healthy food around us. The main thing that the organizers and I do in the event is cooking the dishes of the countries where we have lived before. I love Mediterranean dishes. Every year I make fresh and healthy Mediterranean dishes and the people always loved them. It’s just one of the many favorite dishes that I love to make. I would make Mediterranean dishes every year that at this moment, people know about my place and they know that I’m there making tasty dishes for them. It became an annual habit.


But I always love to do something new. This year I decided that I will do something different, yet at its core, it would feel the same. The main thing I did was that I replaced the rice and the flour ingredients in all my recipes. I replaced them with green ingredients. My goal was to make a lactose-free, gluten-free, vegetarian dish. I wanted to do so because those were the types of dishes that foodies avoid, and I wanted to change their perspective. I did use the same spices as I did not want to change the main taste of the food items.

When the passers tasted my dishes this year, to my surprise, they loved what I had made. Even those who didn’t enjoy eating green vegetables before, they said that the recipes had the right ‘pinch’ of everything, which made them appealing to their taste.

A number of visitors started asking for the ingredients of each plate. What made me happy is the fact that these people tried these food items even though they are not a fan of the ingredients.


A university professor had a brief discussion with me about how I swapped carbs with more beneficial ingredients, while preserving the taste. Then he asked if I would like to speak at an upcoming health event that he is running. I surely accepted. He wanted tp give his attendees some knowledge about the relationship between health and food intakes.

I prepared my speech with the focus on how we can convert heavy meals into lighter and healthier ones. I gave some examples from my day to day life, and also answered a few questions and doubts that they had.

This was a wonderful experience. I believe that continuously changing and adjusting our food habits can actually improve our lives. I’m already brainstorming ideas for the talk I am going to give in next year’s event.

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