We all have heard a lot about the importance of breakfast as it allows you to energize yourself after a whole night’s sleep. It has excellent benefits, from improving our overall wellbeing to reducing weight, clearing brain fog, and reducing the risks of diabetes and cardiac diseases. I do not question the validity of all these claims, but I have the other side of the story to share with you.

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Is skipping breakfast harms our health? Many among us blindly believe that skipping breakfast is harmful to health. Dear mates, this notion is not at all true for everyone. If you are not the one who wakes up hungry, skipping your first meal of the day or delaying it to lunch can actually prove beneficial for you. Many among us deliberately skip their breakfast as a part of their Intermittent Fasting. Are they exposing themselves to numerous health issues?

Definitely not. They know their hunger cues and schedule their meals accordingly. Breakfast is not mandatory for all. Understand your hunger cues to know how important it is for you to have breakfast. You can replace your breakfast with a cup of black coffee to elevate your morning mood and combine your breakfast and lunch to reduce your daily intake. Everyone must have their breakfast does not apply to all. It varies from person to person.

Do not stress yourself over breakfast. What you eat the whole day is far more important than stressing over your breakfast. Do not feel guilty because skipping your breakfast does not make you a breakfast hater. It is all about your choice. All the stories you have been listening to about the importance of breakfast are just entrenched in our society and around the globe.

Recent studies conducted in the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Japan show that the breakfast eaters usually consume 260 more calories daily than those who skipped their breakfast. So it is altogether wrong to say that skipping breakfast makes you more hungry or gain weight. Whether you eat a pastry in your breakfast or at any time of the day, it will have the same impact.

Dear friends, it’s just a myth that eating your breakfast before 10 am saves you from many health hazards. The nutritional content is more important than what you eat at what time. Let’s break this pervasive myth that breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. You can make this special meal an optional meal in your eating window and boils down it to your personal choice. If you feel about eating something after waking up and can not swallow the idea of skipping breakfast, go ahead and eat a protein-rich breakfast. But if you don’t feel the need of having breakfast, take your cup of black coffee or breakfast shake to kick start your day.

Remember, there is no size fits all approach for everything in life. Do what suits you the best if you can’t decide on your own. Take advice from your nutritionist instead of stressing yourself over whether to skip breakfast or not.

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