Kids these days are living a very unhealthy lifestyle. With the addition of Mobile phones in their lives, they stay at home most of the time eating junk food. We rarely see teenagers eating something healthy.

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Due to this, we are already seeing the effects of it. The main thing we are noticing nowadays is that teenagers are gaining a lot of weight, and also due to this, they are bound to have many diseases early on in their lives. All this can be avoided by eating healthy food and exercising.

The lunchbox dilemma

So a few days ago, I was chatting with a friend who was facing a similar situation. She has two kids, a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old. She told me how her kids rarely have any healthy food. She also said that her kids spend their weekends with their friends at a local fast-food restaurant having some burgers or pizza. She emphasized the fact that her kids hate the food that she packs in their lunch boxes. She was very worried about the health and wellbeing of her kids. Her kids were gaining weight and also they were developing pimples all over their place. Her concern was justified. These kids have zero exercises and all they do is eat and use their mobile phones. I knew that I had to help her deal with this situation.

Now, I offer cooking classes for young teens and tweens. Young people are the lifeline of our world. They will be future parents and they need to be aware of their health and well-being. I told my friend to go drop her kids off next week for the cooking class. Initially, her kids were skeptical. They were not interested but then again when she insisted they agreed. Finally, they were in my class.  I believe that before we start teaching anything practical, it’s very important to share some knowledge theoretically. That’s what I did. I explained to them a few things about health and how it’s so simple to remain fit and healthy. Once I explained all this to them, they seemed to be a bit more interested. They were able to understand why they were attending the class. 

Finally, I decided to end the day with a quick recipe for a cheeseburger. I taught them how to make a quick and delicious cheeseburger without any preservatives. We used fresh ingredients and also made sure that we use the best quality meat for the cheeseburger. Those kids were engrossed in this and they were enjoying the cooking.

Happy ending

It was done. And it was delicious. The kids looked so happy. And the best part? They didn’t stare at their phone even once. That was a big accomplishment for me. They went home that day with a smile on their faces. They also said that they would love to attend more classes and that they were looking forward to next week’s class.

Their mom thanked me. She was happy to see her kids being invested in something so healthy. That smile on her face made it all worth it.

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