One of my friends always complained about gaining weight. She was tired of munching all the time but could not resist because she always felt hungry. The same might have been happening with you. You will agree that resisting sugar cravings or avoiding unnecessary snacking becomes hard when our tummy starts rumbling for something to eat even after a few minutes of taking a meal.

Do you feel like Jennifer (my friend), who always feels that her tummy is empty? Do not worry today. I have brought a list of healthy foods to keep your tummy fuller for longer without adding extra pounds to your weight. These will also help you keep snacking at bay and ward off the hunger before the next meal.

Before I enlist those food items for you, let me share what makes a food filling.

  • Proteins are the most filling macronutrients. Food high in protein alters the levels of satiety hormones.
  • High fiber food makes your stomach fuller for longer and increases digestion time.
  • Food rich in water also promotes satiety.
  • When you consume whole or unprocessed food, your tummy feels more filling than processed food.

There are many ways to feel fuller for longer, from drinking more water to following little tricks or tips on how and what to eat in your food. By adding these food ingredients to your plate, you can keep your tummy fuller for longer.

Pre-gaming your meal with an apple

We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, do you know eating an apple before your meal decreases caloric intake during your meal? You can add it with other fruits, in a soup or an oil-free salad.

Be friends with nuts

Nuts offer you the perfect combination of fiber, protein, and fat. Eating nuts makes you feel fuller and consume fewer calories throughout the day. Eat nuts as a snack. You can also add nuts to your salads for a satiating boost.

Go crunching

Sorry, but you have to change your crunching menu because pretzels or chips are a big no. Crunch carrots and cabbages instead whenever you feel like chewing something. They carry water, making these vegetables a low calorie yet enriched with health benefits food ingredients.

Boiled potatoes

Eating boiled potatoes makes you feel filling and consume fewer calories during your meals.


Eggs are a nutritious and high protein food item that makes you eat less during the day because of their strong impact on fullness.


It is the perfect and filling breakfast option that delays stomach emptying and eat fewer calories in the next meal.


Fish is rich in protein and omega-three fatty acids that enhance the feeling of fullness more than any other protein type.


Besides these, you can use soup, Greek yogurt, lean meat, vegetables, and fruits that fill you with fewer calories for a more extended period. In addition to these food items, you should also try drinking lots of water between your meals, and while eating use small plates. Start your meal with a glass of water and lettuce salad. If you still doubt, follow the famous SSFV formula:

S – Soup

S – Salad

F – Fruit

V- Vegetable

Following these food components and tips will satisfy your appetite and keep your tummy fuller for longer.

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