One of my most enjoyable moments is when I get to run wholefood bars at my clients’ annual events. I love to see people’s reactions after tasting our fresh food bites. It’s an absolute fun to observe the curious eyes following us while preparing the meals and healthy drinks.

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This opens up a wide array of opportunities as with the help of a whole food bar, people will realize that there are many more healthy drinks out there other than the cold drinks that people drink these days. So last week, I was in Dubai running a whole food bar. The crowd was great. People were exploring new things and learning about the new drinks and food items they can have that should surely improve their health and lifestyle.

The man

People in Dubai suffer from obesity a lot. This is because of their excessive consumption of sugar products and fatty products. I was really happy to see that these people wanted a change in their lifestyle and that they wanted to try something new and healthy. I was really busy suggesting new drinks for the people. I was interested in sharing new smoothie ideas as people tend to love the taste of our smoothies. That is when I spotted a sixty-year-old man standing in the queue for smoothies. He was not obese compared to others. He looked quite fit for his age. Finally, it was his chance to get a smoothie. Now, one by one I started explaining the smoothies we offer and the health benefits of these smoothies.

He looked invested in what I was saying. But then he said that he is diabetic and that he cannot have sugar because he did not want to face any accidents. He asked if we add sugar to our smoothies. I understood the fact that he is a bit confused. First of all, I told him that we don’t add sugar to any of our smoothies. He was really happy to hear that. But then again, I wanted to clear his doubt. I told him that since he is diabetic, he should avoid fruit smoothies as fruits have a high amount of sugar which is not at all healthy for a diabetic.


He looked shocked. He told me that he has been consuming fruit smoothies regularly. He also shared that it could be the reason why he is not seeing any kind of improvement even after taking so much care. I felt bad for him. He had so much misinformation that now I felt like I should suggest h something that would change his life for the good. I asked his permission to give him something new. He gladly accepted it. I made him a green smoothie with avocadoes, spinach, lemon, and a little bit of monk fruit to add a little sweet taste.

He tried it. Looking at his facial expression I understood that he loved it. He said that this smoothie felt fresh and soothing. He took the recipe for this smoothie from me and also took other recipes from me that had no sugar in them.

I’m really glad that I was able to help him. Misinformation is dangerous for someone like him and I’m glad that I was able to give him the correct information.

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