Hello food lovers…
Let us introduce ourselves, we are a wholesome family of  foodies who are passionate about all things healthy. After traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and trying a variety of foods we have learnt what healthy food habits look and feel like. These experiences have made us into the health and wellness freaks we are today. We are bursting to share the findings we learned from our experiences to educate and influence. We are living proof of how a healthy lifestyle can change not only your health but wellbeing. So join us, as we navigate this journey of health together.

From yours truly, the Wellness in a Pot team.

About our company

Led by foodie and cooking coach Israa Fahmy, we are a team of food enthusiasts who are ready to raise awareness around health and wellbeing . Through our worldly experiences, we gained an understanding and appreciation for healthy eating. We have curated ideas, habits and lifestyles from our own experiences and are ready to share them with you.

We know our clients and we understand the working population live busy lives, therefore we have created quick suitable recipes to cook from home whilst highlighting the risk of buying fast food consistently. It is our focus to make cooking a fun activity with less hassle and showcase that healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult.

For us, it is all about respecting our clients, their needs,  time and resources. Our workshops are there for the convenience of you and your employees. We can accommodate our workshops to be undertaken in meeting rooms or even in a local community hall, with the guarantee, the place will be left in the same condition as it was when we arrived.

It is all about sharing our knowledge of food and the health benefits that come along with eating green and whole foods. We are passionate about influencing the use of more vegetables and throughout our workshops, it will be hard not to think about what vegetable to implement next.


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