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Wellness in a Pot

Eat well, to feel well.

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Healthy Eating Does NOT Have To Be Difficult

Sometimes, all you need is a little extra push..

That’s where we come in. As cooking enthusiasts led by cooking coach Israa Fahmy,  we are passionate to maximize the awareness around green and whole foods. Attend our group bonding workshops, live cooking demonstrations, and health talks to educate yourself in ways you never knew. Welcome to Wellness in a Pot.


What do we do

Healthy eating is not a linear journey, and neither are our services. We provide the opportunity for custom-tailored packages to suit the needs of our clients. Our service list includes but is not limited to:

Team Building Workshops
Health Talks
Personalized Programs
Young Cooks’ Classes
Live Food Demos
Private Classes
Wholefood Bars
Grocery Visits

Why us?

Foster team relationships

Foster team relationships

Team connections and relations are important to any organisation. Through our programs, we focus on fostering team relationships not only within our workshops but ones that can continue within the workplace.

Create memories

Create memories

It is important to us that we create a long-lasting impact on our clients, where memories can be made. Food brings us all together, our recipes and cooking class techniques allow for memories to be made outside our programs with family and friends.

Unique recipes

Unique recipes

Cooking inspiration can be difficult when we are comfortable in the routine of our daily lives. We want clients to feel inspired by our range of unique recipes and we know they will change how employees think and feel about food forever.

Fun unforgettable activity

Fun unforgettable activity

Changing your health and lifestyle is a process that should be fun and uplifting. We have designed our activities to be fun and unforgettable so employees not only want to make the change for themselves but a change in their lifestyle.


A collection of delicious recipes from around the world,
with all of its unique tricks.



Healthy advices, recipes, stories and all about celebrating
the awesomeness of food!

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Read our blog


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