During our health talks, we provide a half-day seminar informing and educating what health and healthy eating looks like. These talks are designed to be delivered to a wide range of audience members, and will go into depth about the benefits of including healthy, green and whole foods in your daily intakes. At the end of the talk, there will be takeaway recipes that can be used to guide the audience in their own kitchens.

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2-4 hours


Conference room or virtual


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Staying fit and keeping healthy should be our priority in life. Let’s work together for a healthier world. From culinary classes to challenges, prep talks to delicious recipes, from mouth-watering tastes to a plate full of nutritional values and unique dining experience. Health talks are designed to nourish minds, hearts and bodies.

Remember, being healthy and fit is not a fad or a trend; it is a pressing need for survival. When you talk healthier, it becomes your first step towards protecting yourself and the ones you love from everything that can harm your physical, as well as mental, wellbeing. We are confident of our health talks’ utility, because they don’t involve just mere words, but come with a complete package, including guidance about healthier food & lifestyles, and a variety of delicious recipes to try in your kitchens, to add colours to your plate and savour your taste buds.

Wellness in a pot aims at innovating healthcare because happiness begins with good health, and it’s your health that actually empowers you to explore new horizons and live a life of joy and harmony.

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