We offer a one-hour live food demonstration to uplift our clients’ confidence in the kitchen. Food and cooking inspiration is crucial in motivating us to become healthy. The live demonstrations showcase a range of cooking techniques that can be used to aid making easy, healthy meals. These techniques can be used in all aspects of life and will be suitable for the differential abilities of all involved.

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1-2 hours




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What’s better than seeing a talented chef showing you how to prepare your favourite dishes yourself? Our cooking experts have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of food enthusiasts the finer points of everyday cooking as seasoned chefs and food experts. From sharing recipes to fine dining techniques, live demonstrations cover how to make the food and share the history of that recipe while sampling a delicious dish in front of you. Live food demos help you create a craveable menu for your loved ones, participate and share your ideas, confusions, and enjoy some delicious bites and morsels of the finest creations.  

The live food demos highlight the healthy choices available in your kitchen for cost-effective and healthy eating. Our food experts also guide participants on how to navigate through ever-busy life without disturbing their healthy and balanced lifestyle. Live food demos teach you all about healthy meal preparations and cooking techniques to unlock a perfect physical and mental wellbeing.

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