Hands-on cooking classes designed for small groups of three to four employees allow for relationships to foster. The classes teach long-lasting kitchen and cooking skills that can be used in any household. Our-hands on approach will mean one on one time can be spent with every member. Private classes allow our clients to build a healthy relationship with food as well as others who attend.

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3-4 members


1 hour


Private kitchens


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Eat, Cook, and Bond is the aim of private cooking classes to make cooking more exciting and fun than a tiring and dull task. These classes offer a range of unique recipes and culinary techniques to toe-dip into the amazing world of delicious foods of all types. Private classes are led by a very skilled and knowledgeable instructor who knows to keep classes fun and exciting while leading participants to open up about their innovative ideas about revolutionizing the food industry and put their ideas into plates to showcase their talents.

You will learn everything from everyday recipes to the gala dinner menu in these classes, which the former participants have called funny, humorous, and exciting yet full of learning. Private classes build experiences based on food, culture, diversity and innovation. Enrol yourself to experience an interactive culinary adventure with a professional chef known for transporting you and your food plate to cultures beyond your doorstep in a special way.

Let’s cook with class and be a discerning foodie while embarking on your journey of becoming a master chef and an inspired cook.

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