By offering healthy cooking workshops aimed at teens and tweens it allows for them to set up a lifetime of healthy habits . It is crucial that they are educated and influenced earlier in their development so they can maintain a happy healthy lifestyle. They will learn how to create a healthy relationship with food that they can explore and have fun with. This workshop will enable them to make a difference in their own home by learning to cook healthy snacks for themselves, friends and families.

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7-10 members


45 minutes


Virtual or private kitchen


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Those sessions provide a fantastic opportunity to our youth, to get creative in their kitchens and unleash their potential. It encourages all teens to roll up their sleeves and discover how exciting cooking can be! While learning to live healthily, and practicing vital life skills in this ever-evolving daily life.

Enrolling your child for a Young Cooks workshop can be the perfect gift for your young chef, where they can show off their cooking talents and delicious creations. These workshops encourage discovery and creativity to help teens experience the value and joy of cooking in a competent and welcoming environment. Young Cooks sessions provide an interactive learning experience to develop their collaborative and team-building skills, as well as a life-long love for the culinary arts. These classes also provide excellent support, training, and a vision to create a rewarding business model for the future.

Let’s change teens’ perspectives on food and motivate them to get experimental in their food choices and preparations to discover new tastes and create some memorable recipes.

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